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Learning To Play the Music You Love Should NOT Be Frustrating or Hard! 

  • Always wanted to play guitar but never got around to it
  • Sick of teaching yourself and getting nowhere
  • Tired of not knowing how to practice
  • Been playing for a while and feel like you’re stuck in a rut?

Learning guitar comes with a lot of myths. Most believe they…

  • Need “natural talent”
  • Don’t have a musical ear
  • Their fingers are too short, long, skinny, fat, etc.
  • Need more gear, better guitars, the latest technology, etc.

Maybe you’ve tried teaching yourself and ended up burned out and stuck playing the same things over-and-over. Or, worse yet, taking lessons from an inexperienced teacher made learning or progressing on guitar so frustrating and overwhelming you gave up.

Talk about discouraging!

We work with students who’ve believed these myths and experienced similar setbacks in their own playing all the time. You’re definitely not alone!

Most methods DO NOT work for many reasons:

  • Inexperienced instructors waste your time and money
  • Incorrect or no feedback leads to bad playing habits
  • Inefficient methods lead to slow or no progress
  • Incorrect order of learning causes overwhelm
  • No guidance on how to practice can lead to injury
  • Information overload sucks all the fun out of playing

What if…

  • You could learn guitar faster and play the music you love for family and friends
  • You could pick up any guitar and make whatever you chose to play sound AMAZING
  • You could overcome the doubts and fears holding you back from playing with freedom and confidence
  • You were 100% sure you could improve every time you touch the guitar
  • You had a highly trained and experienced team of instructors who not only know a step-by-step process that makes learning and progressing on guitar fun and exciting but also dedicated to walking through that process with you until have reached your musical goals

I’m Ty, and I was a frustrated guitar player… IMG_5470ps2

In fact, I found myself stuck and unable to make progress with my guitar playing more times than I care to admit.

However, playing guitar was important to me so I made the decision to defeat that “stuck” feeling once and for all! I invested tons of time and money learning and testing most of the playing methods and systems out there. Through this long process, I’ve learned how to make learning and progressing on the guitar fun and effective for dedicated guitarists who are serious about playing.

This common-sense approach to learning guitar introduces the RIGHT THINGS in the CORRECT ORDER at the PROPER TIME. Using this approach enables us to successfully develop driven students into great players. Repeating this success over-and-over is the easiest and most rewarding part of our job!


Student Spotlight – Our students tell their stories…

“. . . the personal attention and quality of the session is worth it. I always wanted to learn and now I feel I can do it because of East Mesa School of Guitar.”

Joe S. – Guitarist, Mesa, AZ


“…If you want to learn correctly this is the way to go… Before starting at East Mesa School of Guitar, I was afraid lessons would be boring. . . My perceptions have changed and learning has been fun and exciting. . . I am way ahead of where I thought I would be and leave every class feeling I have learned a lot of useful techniques. I want to say Thank-You.”

Lionel T. – Guitarist, Tempe,  AZ


“Thank you for helping me recapture the gift of music in my life.”

Guitar Lessons in Mesa

Sheila S. – Guitarist, Tempe, AZ

“Through this positive approach, I’m finding out I can accomplish something I did not have confidence in.”

“I leave here ready to go home and practice!

If someone wants to pick up the guitar you must call East Mesa School of Guitar!”

Rick B. – Guitarist, Mesa, AZ

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